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Founder's Story

Mr Nitin Goswami

Nitin Goswami, the founder of NG Networks, hails from a middle-class family and was born and raised in Karol Bagh, Delhi.

After completing his degree in IT, Nitin faced difficulties securing a job in the IT domain. To support himself financially, he took up various roles such as caller and support executive, but he aspired to establish himself in his own domain.

One day, he was looking for the job opening in the Times of India's Wednesday Ascent, where he saw an advertisement from an Institute offering a 100% job guarantee post-CCIE program. Intrigued by the opportunity, he joined the program by taking a loan as the fee cost in lakhs, only to discover later that CCIE aspirants generally required 5 or more years of experience to land better job prospects

So he left and started looking for a job option in industry but failed again as no one entertained him due to irrelevant experience, so he started as a freelance trainer of CCNA and CCNP, where he got the chance to meet engineers who were working in top-notch MNCs as network engineers and got trained by him under a corporate training program. Through his interactions with these engineers, he recognized the gap between their technical skills and the requirements of the job market. This realization led him to explore the challenges faced by job-seeking candidates and the expectations of hiring companies. His own placement in a top-notch MNC further deepened his understanding of the gaps in real-time training.

As a network engineer, his life was sorted and he was learning a lot but destiny had a different plan for him as Facebook was in trend at the time, so he updated his Facebook status with his position and company name, which brought a turning point in his life because his fellow aspirants were shocked to see his level and position in the company without having a hefty certification with him, so they approached him to get placement in his company, and he actually helped as he had already done this for himself, and sooner the placed candidate brings references of their relatives and friends who are suffering with different challenges like him so he start giving assistance as part time but the result was unexpected to him within 3 months network aspirants start calling him from different part of the country and looking for his assistance which is miracle for him in the age of 22-23 so he start working hard and helping many to get placed in top notch MNC and one day he got a call from a aspirants name as JOSE JOSEPH from kerala who want to travel delhi to meet him along with his friends and this how he find a shared office in Patel Nagar, Delhi.

This is how the idea became a little success, and sooner or later he has such a huge number of aspirants in the pipeline that, in the beginning of 2014, it took 3 months to get your chance to start placements with him, but at the same time he was not happy with the placements as candidates taking his help to get places didn't prepare themselves adequately to justify their profile as they only have certification based knowledge, which is not sufficient to survive efficiently in this domain, so he decided to quit the job and started a unique training institute that focuses on real-time training named NG Networks by the 5th October of 2014, and real stories began afterwards...

Since its inception, NG Networks has been dedicated to bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. Nitin's vision and passion have transformed NG Networks into a leading training institute, helping numerous students achieve their career goals in the networking domain.

- Initial Success: Word spread about the exceptional training and placement results achieved by NG Networks. Nitin's dedication and expertise attracted a handful of individuals who trusted him and received comprehensive training. They secured high-paying job placements in renowned companies like HCL, Capgemini, and Aricent.

- Expansion Across India: NG Networks' reputation grew, and the institute expanded its presence across more than 10 states in India. Nitin's vision of providing quality training and placement opportunities gained traction, and NG Networks became a trusted name in the industry.

- Global Reach: Building on its success, NG Networks formed strong partnerships with IT companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, extending its reach beyond India. The institute created opportunities for aspiring professionals to work in international markets.

- Future Plans: NG Networks aims to continue its growth trajectory. The institute is set to make its mark in Singapore and has plans to expand into Germany in the near future. Nitin's entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to transforming lives remain at the forefront of NG Networks' mission.

- Impactful Placements: NG Networks currently offers placement opportunities in over 30 esteemed companies across India. The institute has played a significant role in placing thousands of jobless IT and non-IT aspirants in the network domain. Many of these individuals have secured high-paying jobs and achieved career growth, with some even being promoted or working onsite.